Advance Your Academic Self

Feeling the pressure of academics, college applications, social relationships or school-based anxiety?  Need to take some pressure off? With research-based approaches it is possible to master habits of success including, goal setting, motivation, mindset, resiliency, leadership skills, emotional intelligence, manage educational anxiety, communication, building and fostering relationships.

Anxiety –
School Avoidance

  • Developing meaningful relationship
  • Discovering modivation
  • Uncovering what blocks thier success
  • Developing communication tools
  • Building resilience skills

Academic Anxiety


  • Discovering areas of fixed and growth mindset
  • Developing growth mindset tools and language


  • Opening doors to better communication
  • Discovering blocks that keep you from moving forward in positive ways
  • Building trust
  • Relationship mending and building
  • Setting family goals
  • Learning new ways to have fun together 

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