Meet Sheila:

With a desire to help her own children succeed, Sheila found herself drawn into the field of education.  While her own three boys struggled with dyslexia and other learning challenges she found her passion for helping others.  While raising her sons she became a dedicated educator and advocate for students and families. As a lifelong learner Sheila went on to earn two master’s degrees and a doctorate degree in the field of education and leadership.

During her time as a school principal Sheila noticed the ongoing challenge students were facing in the area of social emotional learning. Knowing from her own children the importance of balancing academics and life skills she spent as much time supporting teachers and students in this area as she did academic standards.  Little did she know the adults were learning as much as the students in the way of resiliency, mindset, habits of success, relationship building, motivation and leadership.

As someone who has often been described as a born leader, Sheila utilized her leadership skills to support changes in her own school to meet the needs of students, parents and staff.  She was named Principal of the Year in 2016 as a recognition of her successful leadership and innovation. She speaks on education and leadership panels, as well as presenting on a variety of topics.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Sheila went into district office work as the Executive Director of Human Relations.  This work gave her the opportunity to act as a coach and consultant to other leaders. This fueled her desire to help others in the way of change management, empathetic leadership, equity, communication and culture.